Sunday, October 18, 2009

Nine Emperor Gods Festival

The Nine Emperor Gods Festival or known as Kew Ong Yeah Sneah in Penang Hokkien starts today. It will last for nine days. During this period, devotees will cleanse themselves by taking only vegetarian diet. They will also go to the Kew Ong Yeah temples to pray for better luck, wealth and longevity.

The nine sons of Tou Mu (Goddess of the North Star) who controls the books of life and death. Her sons (nine of them) were supposed to have the ability or power to bestow luck, wealth and longevity to devotees as they were deified as Jen Huang or Human Sovereigns or Kings.

Vegetarian stalls can be seen along the roadsides selling vegetarian dishes to devotees. These stalls are hanging yellow banners bearing the name of Kew Ong Yeah.

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