Monday, October 19, 2009

Friendship is the play of karma

In real life situation, we don't expect things to happen our ways. For example, you had planned to buy Wan Tan Mee at a certain stall but when you reached the place the stall was closed. Hence it is better for us to act according to circumstances.

A fresh graduate may not get a job suitable to his training at the university. Well, accept the job first and wait for a chance to do something related to your field when opportunity strikes later. This is the play of fate or karma as Buddhists call it.

We sometimes happen to see a stranger but we take a liking to him or her. It shows that somewhere in our last life we know him or her. React by smiling at him or her, hoping that he or she will reciprocate. At times friendship is gained this way as fate has it.

In the past I used to I wonder why I liked someone and detested another. Through the study of Buddhism I now realise that it is the play of karma. The one you like is the one very close to you such as your father, mother, wife, husband or sibling and the one you hate was your enemy or had done a lot of harm to you.

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