Monday, October 26, 2009

Longing for sisterly love

I am the second son in the family. I have one brother and two younger sisters. Since I was a boy, I have been longing to have a sister. This is because usually an elder sister will love her siblings and does everything for them. Whenever I saw other children being pampered by their sisters, I was really envious and jealous of them. This longing for sisterly love is always with me.

When I had a chance to take part in the Students' Exchange Programmed held at Penang Hill way back in 1966. I met a Kuala Lumpur girl who was two years older than I. Jokingly, I asked her to be my god-sister and she agreed. After the camp, we used to correspond until I joined a teacher's college. In the letters I wrote to her, I always begin with "Dearest sister," and I could feel the sisterly love she had for me through the letters she wrote to me.

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