Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Charging fees for ten rounds of treament at one shot

I was talking to the lady acupuncturist who inserted big needle to separate my vein from the muscle in the treatment of my 'trigger finger' or carpal tunnel when I asked her where she received her training in acupuncture. She told that she went to China to undergo a short course in this field.

One thing she told me about the practitioners there is that they charge patients fees for ten rounds of treatment. According to her, they have their reasons. For one thing, the effect of acupuncture will only show after a number of treatments. For another, they need not ask the patients to come back for treatment because they have paid the fees and they will automatically come for subsequent treatment.

In Malaysia, she said, the practitioners will charge the patients per trip. Some will stop treatment after two times because they don't see improvement in their condition of ailments. For my case I keep going because I know that one or two times of acupuncture will not produce the desire effect.

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