Friday, September 4, 2009

When a glowing cigarette becomes a puncher

Many interesting things happened in the staffroom when I was serving as a trained teacher. In this post, I will tell readers one of such practice.

Since objective questions have become part of the exam items, teachers have to shade answers on an answer sheet and cut holes on the answers. In so doing, they can place the answer sheet with holes on the answer sheets of pupils. The correct answers will show through the holes and teachers can tick them and count them to get the total marks.

One day, I saw a male teacher smoking and after a while he approached his desk. He took out an answer sheet with answers shaded and started to burn the shaded parts. Soon I could see a sheet of paper with burnt holes all over the answer sheet. He had cleverly turned his half-smoked cigarette into a hole-puncher.

I did not like the look of the jagged holes and so I still used penknife and ruler to do the job of making holes where shaded answers appeared for my marking template.

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