Thursday, September 10, 2009

We agreed on a date

In English, certain verbs are followed by specific prepositions when particular nouns are behind them. One such verb is ‘agree’. Look at the following sentences to see what I mean.

1 He agrees with me that smoking is bad for health.
2 We agreed on a date to hold a gathering for our old classmates.
3 They agreed to our suggestion to wide the village road.

In Sentence 1, ‘agree’ pairs with the preposition ‘with’ when it is followed by a person or personal pronoun. Hence you can agree with John or agree with him regarding certain matter.

In Sentence 2, ‘agree’ is followed by the preposition ‘on’ if it is followed by ‘a date’.

In Sentence 3, ‘agree’ has the preposition ‘to’ after it when it is followed by ‘the suggestion’ or ‘our suggestion’

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