Friday, September 11, 2009

The 'biras' relationship

It is interesting to study the Malay language. One word that leaves great impression on my mind is the word 'biras'. This Malay word has something to do with relationship. Let me explain its meaning this way. If two men married two girls who happened to be sisters, then their relationship in Malay is 'biras'. For example, if Ali married Siti and Bakar married Aminah, Ali is the 'biras' of 'Bakar' if Siti and Aminah are sisters.

The reverse is also true. It just means that Siti can be the 'biras' of Aminah if Ali and Bakar are brothers!

Look at a sentence in Malay with 'biras' in it.

Isteri saya berkata bahawa biras saya ingin meminjam motosikalku kerana motosikal suami kakak isteriku sudah rosak.
[My wife said that my brother-in-law wished to borrow my motorcycle because the motorcyle of the husband of my wife's sister had broken down.]
The above sentence is purposely made to show the meaning of 'biras' without explaining it to the reader.

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