Monday, September 28, 2009

Using 'for' as a preposition and conjunction

In English, a word can be used as a prepositon or as a conjunction. On such word is 'for'

As a preposition it is used in front of a noun, a pronoun and a gerund. Look at the following examples:
1 I am looking for paper to write on. [used in front of the noun 'paper']
2 It is for him that obtained this information. [used in front of the pronoun 'him'.]
3 Our eyes are used for seeing things. [used in front of the gerund 'seeing'.]

The word 'for' can also be used as a conjunction and it carries the meaning of 'because'. These are a few examples:
1 He is a healthy man for he hardly falls sick. [for as a conjunction here means 'because']
2 Many customers like to frequent the shop for the things sold there are very cheap. [for as a conjunction here means 'because']

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