Sunday, September 27, 2009

Think nothing of what you have given away

Newton's third law states that to every action, there is a reaction. For example, if we push at something with a certain force, we will experience the same amount of force acting in the oppositing direction pressing at your palm.

What I mention above applies to science. In religious term such as the one in Buddhism, every cause will result in an effect. If you treat others well, they will treat you in the same way. The reverse is also true.

Hence it is to our advantage if we choose to practise doing good karma. We can start by praising others not amounting to flattery, saying kind words, avoid scandalising others, abstain from killing however small beings are, and helping the needy in kind and money if we can afford it.

As material things are not permanent, we should not attach to it so much that we are not willing to part with them. Giving away food and money that we possess to the needy is one way of learning how to practise detachment. The working of karma is such that things given away without attachment will come back to you, sometimes many times more. Hence practising dana is actually a very good thing to do as it benefits the donor too but with one condition, that is, you must not expect to get something in return if you donate something to someone. The moment you have given away your possession, you should forget about what you have done. Only then will the law of karma work.

Hence think nothing of what you have given away.

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