Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Making my own toys

Whenever I pass by the stalls selling toys, I like to look at the modern toys. They often come with motors that can move the arms and legs of boys or girls who sing or say something repeatedly thanks to the chips which have been pre-recorded with songs or spoken words. As for birds, they will move their heads just like real ones and chirp incessantly. Technology plays a part in modernizing toys such as these. I did not enjoy such toys when I was young.

When I was a boy, I did not buy toys. My toys were home-made because I made my own tops and kites. As for the wood for the tops, I cut one of the branches of the guava trees. I shaped the tops with the help of a penknife. To smoothen the surface, a broken glass was used. I made kites using bamboo strips and kite paper which could be bought from a grocery. Then I would draw pictures on my kite. The string was coated with pounded glass with the help of melted hide gum. In this way, I could compete with my friends because the string was sharp enough to sever the string of my opponent's kite.

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