Thursday, September 24, 2009

The D-M Rule in Malay

In Malay, the adjective is placed after a noun to describe it. For example, white shirt is 'kemeja putih' in Malay where 'putih' (white) is placed after the noun 'kemeja' (shirt).

The above structure is governed by the 'Hukum D-M' (The D-M Rule). According to this rule, a word which is being described or D =Diterangakn (is described) should be placed in front of another word which describes it or M=Menerangkannya (describes it). Here are some examples to illustrate this rule:
1 pisang (D) goreng (M) (banana fried literally or banana fritters to be correct]
2 mi goreng (D) goreng (M) [noodles fried literally or fried noodles to be correct]
3 hal-hal (D) lain (M) [matters other literally or other matters to be correct]
4 topi (D) hitam (black) [hat black literally or black hat to be correct]
5 kali (D) pertama (M) [time first literally or first time to be correct]

Two examples of exceptions to the rule are Perdana (M) Menteri (D) [Prime Minister] and Timbalan (M) Menteri (D) [Deputy Minister]

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