Monday, August 31, 2009

What is in a Chinese name?

What is in a Chinese name

When a Chinese father gives a name to his son or daughter, he will think of its meaning. For girls the popular names start with Hui (smart or intelligent), Mei (beautiful), Li (beautiful), Yan (beautiful), Xiao (small) and Ming (clever). Each is followed by Zhu (pearl), Li (beautiful) and Rong (face) Hence names such as Hui Li (intelligent and beautiful, Mei Li (beautiful), Yan Zhu (beautiful pearl), Ming Li (clever and beautiful) and Xiao Hui (small but clever) will be given to girls when they are born.

As for boys, the popular names will start with Jiang (strong), Cong (clever), Kai (victorious), Guo (country), Zhi (ambition) and Zhong (loyal). Each is usually followed by Ming (person), Fu (happiness), Xiang (auspicious), and Jian (healthy). Consequently, the newborn males will be given names such as Jiang Fu (Strong and Enjoying happiness), Cong Ming (clever person), Kai Xiang (victorious and auspicious), Guo Jian (the country's healthy person) and Zhong Ming (Loyal subject of a country).

Hence you see, there is a certain meaning attachment to each Chinese name.

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