Monday, August 10, 2009

A rare occasion when buddies met

How do you feel when you have the chance to meet your old buddy after a lapse of so many years.?

Well, I had a chance to meet my buddy when I was in Kuala Lumpur to attend my son’s convocation.

I felt elated when I visited Yong Cheng Suan, my buddy in the house he bought for the use of his children two of whom are still studying in Universiti Tenaga. I was able to meet all his offspring who share the same house in Sri Kembangan. Coincidentally, my whole family was with me too. It was really a rare chance for us to meet with all our family members present.

We talked of old times for a while and Yong brought us to a Chinese restaurant for lunch. The exchange of news resumed at the lunch table. Our children also got acquainted to one another while partaking of sumptuous food at the eatery.

I really admire Yong who grows his own vegetables on the land beside his house in Raub, Pahang. On the day I was at his Sri Kembangan house, he let us taste the ‘dragon fruit’ and papayas that he harvested from his own farm. They were very delicious and pesticide-free.

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ycsuan said...

It was really a thrilling occasion.
Hoping to have more of such reunions.