Sunday, August 9, 2009

Have GPS will travel

You may be wondering why I did not blog for three days. Well I went to Kuala Lumpur to attend my son's convocation. He had to be at the Multimedia University at Cybejaya on the 7th to collect his robe and attend a briefing on the procedure on Convocation Day which would be held on the 9th.

My eldest son drove me, my wife and my son there. As we had no idea how to get to the place, my son bought a GPS device, the Garmin nagivator to help him reach all the destinations we intended to reach. It was the first time he used it and yet it proved very useful as it guided us to get to where we wanted to go without fail. I really marvelled at the accuracy of the tracking system.

You just need to key in the name of the road or the name of the hotel or landmark and the device will search for it to see whether it is in the map. If so, we just have to click it and the satellite-based tracking device will start to give instruction such as 'Drive 250 metres and exit left. Turn left. Take the first turning of the roundabout, etc."

Thanks to the GPS we have acquired we accompolished what we set out to do satisfactorily.

It is a case of 'Have GPS will travel'

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