Saturday, July 11, 2009

Treating my own wounds

When I was in my second year studying in a teachers’ college, I bought a Honda C70 by installment, paying RM50.00 per month as my montly allowance as a trainee teacher was RM150 only. This motorcycle became my means of transport whenever I wanted to go anywhere.

One day, I wanted to go to Carnavon Street to buy a book. I was negotiating a turn leading to the street when I fell off my bike which went over a patch of lubricant dropped by a ill-serviced bus. My vehicle skidded and fell to the side and my leg brushed against the rough tarred road. Blood began to ooze out from the wounds.

At once, I checked my bike and found that it still could function. Hence I got on my Honda C70 and headed to the nearest medicinal shop. I bought a bottle of Dettol, some cotton wool, acroflavine, gauze and bandage. Being a first aider before I knew what to use to do the job of treating wounds.

Using the cotton wool damped with Dettol, I began to clean my wound from the centre and then outwards. Then I applied acrofavine to the wounds, put a piece of gauze over and bandaged it. The wounds only completely healed after a lapse of six weeks.


hazeleyed said...

Well done Mr.
i guess...that was a life-long experience that not many of our children nowadays could and would practice it...
They would surely seek a doctor!
comfort zone huh!

ycsuan said...

Do you remember PN3532?
I am reading you blog now. Bravo!