Friday, July 10, 2009

How to widen your vocabulary in English

When we study English, we will find it easy to read novels if we have a wide vocabulary. Hence, one way of knowing more new words is to start reading a novel. Put a dictionary by your side but don't use it the moment you come across a new word.

Whenever your eyes fall on a new word, highlight it with a highlighter or underline it with a pencil. Meanwhile, guess its meaning by looking at the words in front of it and after it.

Only when the same new word appears three times do you look up your dictionary to find its meaning so that you will not break the continuity of the story you are reading.

Reading the leader page and editorial of a newspaper is another way of widening your vocabulary. Usually, you will find new words here because different events require specific words for their description.

The third method is my favourite, that is reading the dictionary. When you read a dictionary, you will not miss out any of the meanings a word has.

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