Wednesday, July 8, 2009

See what I have here

For today's post, I am going to talk about 'see' and other words bearing almost the same meaning but used in different ways.

We need our eyes to perceive things around us. You can make a sentence with the word 'see' as follows:
When I opened my eyes I could see my worried mother beside my bed.

You look at something when you focus your attention on it. Hence you can say "I look at the distant hill which is covered with thick forests.'

The word 'watch' as a verb is used in sentences such as the following:
a) I watch television after dinner after day.
b) We watched an exciting football match just now.

To gaze at someone is to look at him for a long time. If you are away for a long and you come home, you mother will gaze at you because she wants to know whether you are all right.

To peep through the keyhole is to look at someone or watch some activities without the knowledge of others. For example, you can construct a sentence such as the one below:
The thief peeped through the keyhole to see whether there was anyone in the house before he acted.

To glance at something is to take a quick look at it. You can glance at your watch to know the time.

To scrutinize some document is to look at it carefully, including the details. A sentence such as the following can be made:
The auditor scrutinized all the accounts and statements slowly to see whether the income and expenditure were in order.

To stare at someone is to look at him without winking your eyes. So, you can say "I stared at the dog to make it go away."

To view is to see something you have done for checking. After setting up a web page, you can view it through a browser.

So much for words having almost the same meaning as 'see'.

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