Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Going through flood water

Tonight as I went back from my tuition class, it was still raining. There was one stretch of low-lying road where flood water used to accumulate. I saw many motorists stopping by the roadside, not brave enough to go through the flood water. As for me, I did not want to wait. With my experience, I knew I had to engage second gear and press the petrol pedal all the way while going through the stretch of flood water. I gingerly did that and finally I went through without any hitch.

As I reached Green Lane, there was a long queue and I knew it was flooded again. So I took an alternative route by turning left into Lim Lean Teik Road and took the Batu Lancang Lane. I turned left again to head for Jelutong Road. Then it was plain sailing for me all the way home.

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