Friday, July 24, 2009

Malay words with different pronunciation 1

Some Malay words are spelt alike but pronounced differently. In this post, I shall talk about two of these words.

1 bena
When pronounced as 'bird na', it means 'ombak' or waves. However, when you articulate it as 'bay na', then it carries the meaning of 'peduli' or 'take heed of'

Let us see how 'bena' is used in sentences.
1 Perahu itu tenggelam kerana dipukul bena yang besar.
[The boat sank because it was hit by big waves.]

2 Budak itu tidak bena akan nasihat ibu bapanya.
[The boy did not take heed of his parents' advice.]

2 sepak
This word can be pronounced as 'sir pak' which means 'tampar' or 'slap'. It can also be articulated as 'say pak' which has the meaning of 'tendang' or kick.

Let us observe how 'sepak' is used in sentences.
1 Muka adik kena sepak oleh ayah kerana berkelakuan tidak sopan.
[My brother's face was slapped by father for behaving rudely.]

2 Bola itu saya sepak ke arah pintu gol.
[I kicked the ball towards the goal post.]

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