Thursday, July 23, 2009

Being mindful helps to avoid hurting our limbs

How often do you accidentally kick something and how many times do your fingers poke at something unintended?

Well, I often kick things on my way to a certain place like the bathroom or out to the balcony. My head knocks into something every now and then when I get up.

All the above happenings can be traced to my being not mindful. If we are not mindful, our limbs will get at things not meant to be touched. Hence we should be mindful at all times so that what I have mentioned earlier will not take place.

How to be mindful then, you may ask. Well, we must be aware of where we place our legs and where our hands go and so on. If we are mindful every moment of the day, our limbs will not sustain uncalled for pain.

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