Saturday, June 20, 2009

A Typical Chinese Wedding Dinner

The Chinese like to have dinners on various occasions such as weddings, birthdays and anniversaries. I often attend Chinese Dinners when my relatives' sons or daughters get married. The following is typical of such an occasion.

I usually go to the restaurant where the dinner will be held earlier. However, I will have to wait for quite some time and it can be an hour. The Chinese are not punctual on such occasions. No one is complaining except our tummies. Sometimes we have finished eating up the peanuts and yet the first course of dinner is not ready yet.

When the bride and bridegroom appear, then only will the first course be served. While we help ourselves to the food, a band will be playing songs or someone will be singing to entertain us. Then someone from the guest is invited to sing. More guests will go on stage to sing. If the one who sings can render the song well, it is all right. However, it is really a torture to us if someone is singing in disharmony up there.

Some savouring some dishes, the master of ceremony will invite relatives of the bride and bridegroom to go on stage to toast to the guests.

A eight-course dinner can last for two hours with all the songs and speeches thrown in. Such is the scenario of a Chinese Wedding Dinner.

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