Friday, June 19, 2009

Phrasal verbs Part I

The use of phrasal verbs helps to add variety to your writing. Hence it is worth the trouble mastering all the phrasal verbs available so that they may come in handy for you. Here are some useful phrasal verbs for this post.

1 add up - make sense
2 back out - do not keep one's promise
3 break down - a) analyse in detail b) become mentally ill c) stop functioning properly
4 blow up - a) explode b) suddenly become very angry
5 bear up - endure (suffering)
6 bear with - be patient with
7 break in - a) interrupt (while someone is talking with another person) b) wear or use until it becomes comfortable for our use c) enter a place illegally
8 break up - a) disperse a crowd b) end a relationship
9 bring about - cause to happen
10 break out - happen suddenly

See if you can enter the above phrasal verbs into the blanks below, making necessary changes in tenses:

1 The bomb __________________ killing more than 10 people around the area.

2 The new manager _______________ new changes in the running of the company.

3 We will ___________ you _____________ in your effort to bring betterment to this club.

4 My old car _________________ on my way to the office this morning.

5 He promised to help me but ______________ at the last moment when I needed help urgently.

6 My father _______________ when he saw my exam results because I did badly in all the subjects.

7 The Federal Reserve Unit finally _________________ the rioters outside the foreign embassy.

8 The refusal of the rich man to donate anything doesn’t ___________________ because he has all the means to do so.

9 Some trainees could not ____________________ during the camp because many rough activities were carried out.

10 The speaker asked the audience to ___________________ him because he was talking for too long.

11 The student __________________ and committed suicide but was saved in time by his parents.

12 Let us __________________ the survey into rural and urban sections.

13 I will have to ________________ the shoes by wearing them every day.

14 It is rude to _________________ while others are in the midst of a conversation.

15 The police found that the thief must have ________________ when the tenant of the house was out.

16 Influenza A (H1N1) __________________ initially in Mexico and spread to other countries.

17 The couple _________________ again last week although they just made up a fortnight ago.

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