Tuesday, June 30, 2009

How to prevent cheating by students

Whenever teachers give tests to students there will always be students who try to cheat when the answer scripts are given back to them. It is especially so for questions where students are required to fill in blanks. Some students do not know the answers and hand up the scripts without filling in anything for the blanks. If the teachers mark a cross against each blank without an answer, students who like to cheat will enter the right answers when these are discussed in class. Then they will bring the scripts to the teachers for marks claiming that the teachers have marked the correct answers as wrong.

As an experienced teacher, I know how to prevent this from happening. I will mark a double cross for blanks without answers. Later if students come to me for marks I will call them liars and they will not insist on demanding marks from me anymore because they are cheating and I know it.

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