Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Using synonyms in writing

Using synonyms is the easiest a way adding variety of style to your writing. Hence, learners of English should make it a point to know as many synonyms as possible so that they will come in handy when we need them in our writing.

I will give an example here. One of the connectors that we use very often is ‘say’. The words similar in meaning or which can be used to replace this word are ‘utter’, ‘articulate’, ‘voice’, ‘state’, ‘mention’, ‘murmur’, and ‘whisper’.

Let us look at a paragraph using the above words:

One day, when I paid a visit to John, he said that I should have gone more often to his house. I ignored what he had uttered because whenever I wanted to voice my opinion against we will be engaging in verbal war. Thus, I usually mention this to my wife in the hope that she will excuse me for not visiting her cousin. My better half loves to whisper to me when we talk in public and sometimes I miss most of what she has murmured. She will feel offended and give me her cold shoulder there and then until I offer my apologies to her.

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