Thursday, May 14, 2009

Cool down DVD disc to rectify playing problem

Have you ever experienced your video images shaking and slow to move on the screen when you are playing a DVD disc for more than one and a half hour? When this happens I usually try to pause and play alternatively in the hope that the situation will improve. However I fail most of the time. The same disc will allow me to play without a hitch on my DVD-ROM. It shows that it is not the disc that is at fault.

Later I discovered that if you eject the disc and let the disc cool down before reinserting it into you DVD player, the shaking and slow-moving of images will disappear. My DVD player can remember where I last stop playing. Hence when I insert the DVD disc again, it will play again from where I left off without the above problem anymore.

Try this trick to see whether it works with your DVD player.

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