Sunday, May 17, 2009

Proof reading counts in our blogs

We often miss the mistakes we have made. That explains why we need someone else to read our scripts to spot the mistakes, be they grammatical errors or spelling mistakes. However, we still can detect our mistakes if we read whatever we have written once or twice. This is true because when I reread my original posts in my pocket pc I managed to spot one or two mistakes in some of the posts, mostly agreement of subject and verbs which I stress many times must not happen if we reread our script carefully.

As my post is of daily basis, at least that is what I demand myself to do, I sometimes do not read and post my daily post first the moment I have finished whatever I want to pen. Whenever I happen to spot any mistake I will edit it. I feel that it is our duty to make our posts error-free in terms of grammar and usage of words and phrases.

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