Monday, April 27, 2009

Thank you, Mr Tan

During the recent PC Fair held at Penang International Sports Area or PISA, I went as usual to buy something worthwhile. At the entrance to the first floor, what greeted me were a lot of navigators which prices ranged from RM499 to RM1299. Then came the service providers for wireless who offered very good package but I brushed them off to the accessories section.

After half an hour, I was upstairs to the usual booths. I stopped to buy 50 pieces of Verbatim DVD-R discs. With RM65 I could get the ones made in Japan plus 5 pieces of CDR specially manufactured for recording music. Then I scouted around for external hard disks. When i went from booth to booth, I found that the price for a 250G Hard disk cost around RM230. Finally I came to one booth which offered me RM180 for a Western Digital 250 G hard disk. Alas! I did not bring enough money to buy it and started to leave when the man (whom I later knew was Mr Tan)agreed to allow me to settel the bill partly in cash and partly via credit card. My HSBC card was then surrendered to him for processing.

I left the booth happily for having obtained a good offer without realising the man had forgotten to return me the credit card. It was three days later that one man from HSBC phoned to tell me that a Mr Tan wanted to return me the credit card. This Mr Tan had phoned HSBC to get my phone number. After talking to Mr Tan, he agreed to hand the card to me personally but then he was in Sungai Petani and he could only do it on Monday.

True to his promise, I received the card personally from Mr Tan, as promised. Thank you Mr Tan for being an honest and responsible businessman. If the card goes to other hands I don't know how much money I have to pay for other people's purchases. Once again, thank you Mr Tan.

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