Sunday, April 26, 2009

Learning English through reading blogs

Reading blogs written in grammatically correct English will improve one's English. We learn by imitation. This is true for learning English too. If you read blogs written in good English, they will influence you and you can write good sentences. On the other hand, if you pick up slangs and grammatically wrong sentences in blogs written in bad English, your English will go down the drain. These are the criteria you can use to assess whether a blog has good English or not:

1 See whether the author knows how to use Subject-verb Agreement correctly, i.e.a singular subject is followed by a singular verb and a plural subject is followed by a plural verb.

2 See whether he uses the tenses correctly. For factual and habitual action, the present tense should be used. As for past events, the correct tense is past tense. Past continuous tense is paired with past tense and past tense is paired with past perfect tense.

3 In a sentence, there can only be one finite verb unless the sentence is a compound or complex sentence.

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