Wednesday, April 29, 2009

The present tense

English is always an interesting language to learn, as far as I am concerned. Tenses alone pose problems to learners of English. The present tense is often used by children whenever they want to say anything. To me, it is all right as long as they are able to get across when they want to convey to others. As parents we can correct them by using the right tenses in place of the ones they uttered wrongly. AS children learn by imitation, with the passage of time they will be able to use the right tenses.

Simple present tense is used to state a fact, a habitual action and in some cases the future events. These are the examples of using present tense:
1 The sun rises in the east. [a fact]
2 I like to play badminton. [a habitual action]
3 The bus leaves in ten minutes' time. [future event as it will only happen ten minutes later.]

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