Thursday, April 30, 2009

The past tense

In my last post, the present tense was introduced. In this post, I will deal with simple past tense. This tense is used when we talk about past events. Look at the following examples:

1 I went to the new shop yesterday. [went is the past tense of go]
2 She came here a few minutes ago. [came is the past tense of come]
3 We bought a bungalow last year. [bought is the past tense of buy]
4 He was here just now. [was is the past tense of is]

Usually past tense pairs with past continuous tense or past perfect tense. Look at the examples below.

1 I had reached home before it rained. [The past tense here is rained and the past tense is had reached. In this sentence, reaching home happened before raining.]
2 She was singing when the stage gave way. [was singing is the past continuous tense here and the past tense is gave.]

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