Saturday, April 4, 2009

Motorcyclists in Penang

Not many people are familiar with the way Penang motorcyclists ride their bikes. If you are here, you will get the fright of your life seeing them wheezing in out of the cars just to be in front of them. When I am behind the wheels driving in Penang, I have to look at the right and left mirror as well as rear mirror before turning left or right because out of nowhere a motorcyclist can be on your left or right.

Habits die hard. These riders are so daring and reckless and Penang motorists are used to giving way to them that they take for granted that other drivers have to let them have their way. Of course there are also very careful motorcyclists who follow the traffic rules and ride safely. These are the ones that need our thumb-ups and not the reckless ones.

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