Sunday, March 1, 2009

My five-cent breakfast

When I was studying in a primary school, I enjoyed tasting hot fried noodle sold by one middle-aged man who sold it at the canteen. I would be waiting by his side, ready to savour the first plate of fried noodle that he handed to me as the first customer. After handing him five cents (can't imagine what you can buy with five cents nowadays and worse still the beggar also refuses to accept such a meagre amount of money), I went to the long table and pulled out a stool to be seated. This plate of fried noodle was my daily breakfast then.

Nowadays, children are given a few ringgit to school so that they can buy enough food to fill their tummies to last for the half day that they are in school.

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Cilibo said...

Yea..still remember that good old myself..while in standard to eat kue tiow goreng..only 30 cent..serve in small plate but very delicious..nowadays..even a glass of syrup cost 50 cent..ha ha..!