Wednesday, January 28, 2009

How to prolong your life

I was switching on the TV to see whether there was any more Chinese New Year variety show or concert when the normal schedule was back to normal as it was the third day of the Chinese New Year. Anyway I did not switch it off the idiot box as one doctor was talking about longevity in the breakfast show. I would like to share what was mentioned by the doctor about keeping us physically fit and living longer.

According to the geriatrician, a doctor who studies diseases of the elderly, ideally we should be able to live up to 120 years old provided we do certain things regularly. The first thing we should perform daily or regularly is exercising. We must exercise a few times a week and the easiest way to do it is by walking. The next on the list is taking a balanced diet and refraining from taking too much sugar, salt and fats. Keeping the mind active is very important too. We can do this by playing chess or computer games, learning a foreign language,and doing something totally new to us.

The lady he mentioned that has lived up to 122 years and is still kicking, when interviewed, has an active mind as she can converse logically and understand whatever questions put to her.

Long live all my friends.

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