Sunday, December 7, 2008

Jaywalking is a habit here

Jaywalking has become a habit with Penang people especially near the market places. I go to the Jelutong market for breakfast and buying food to be cooked daily. The traffic at this part fo Jelutong Road is very busy. Yet, the people here are so used to jaywalking that they refuse to use the pedestrian crossing nearby to cross the road. Many a time, I have to stop my car to allow these crossing-roads-as-and-when-they-like local folk to have their way.

In fact jaywalking or crossing a busy road where it is not allowed or without making an effort to avoid the busy traffic is an offence. However, these people cannot be bothered and they simply cross the road where and when they fancy. So far no fatal accidents have occurred because motorists slow down to give way to these inconsiderate life-riskers.

I do hope they are made aware of the danger of jaywalking to avoid risking their valuable lives on the road.

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