Monday, December 8, 2008

Dictionaries in my pocket pc

Since I bought my HP iPaq hx2490 Pocket PC, it has helped me tremendously in my work. I bought Kamus Pro, a Malay dictionary, from The Name Technology for RM99 and had it installed in my pocket pc (ppc)so that I need not carry the big and bulky Kamus Dewan Edisi 4 with me when I go to class. With my ppc around, I can check up the spelling and meaning of any word whose meaning I am not sure of. As teachers we do not know every word in any language and hence a dictionary helps us find its meaning.

Besides, I also bought Cambridge Advanced Learners Dictionary installed it in my ppc too. As a bilingual teacher, that is Malay and English, I need to have both Malay and English dictionaries in my pocket pc for checking up words that I have not come across before in the course of my teaching.

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