Friday, November 28, 2008

How to write notes with your mobile phone

I own a Nokia 6020 that has only 2MB of memory space, yet I can do wonders with it.
For example, I can convert mp3 songs to amr format so that they can be played on my mobile. The calculator that comes with it helps me to calculate the amount of money that I will be spending as I pick up items in the supermarket so that I will not go beyond my budget. The alarm clock wakes me up at exactly 6.00 a.m. daily.

Above all, I like to make notes and keep them with the SMS function. I usually write down something important which I need to do later and save it in my folder. To access, I will will go the saved message to retrieve it. This I do very often until I run out of memory space and delete some old saved messages or songs or received sms.

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