Wednesday, November 5, 2008

How to backup your files using e-mails

There are a few free e-mails availble for us to apply. You are given at least 2G space for use. If you need to backup something and want to access it somewhere else, you can always make use of your e-mails to do so.

To do this, you need to apply for at least two free e-mails, such gmail and hotmail. Next compose your e-mail in gmail and send it to hotmail with your files zipped and sent as attachment.

Now, you can retrieve your backup file anywhere you go. For example, you can be at friend's house and open your hotmail to download the backup file you attached earlier. In this way, you need not use your own computer to get the files needed for a certain purpose.

So much for backing up files using e-mails.

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