Thursday, November 6, 2008

The difference between 'adopted' and 'adoptive'

When someone has no son or daughter, he will try to take another person's son or daughter as his own after signing the letter of adoption. Now that person has an adopted son or daughter.

If you are an adopted son, how do you refer to the man who has adopted you? Well, you can say, "He is my adoptive father."

Both words are adjectives and they refer to the relationshiop of adoption from different directions. The following sentences will make the difference between 'adopted' and 'adoptive' clear to readers:
1 Susan is my adopted daughter. I got permission from Mrs Johnson to raise her from young and she surrendered her to me for adoption.
2 Mr Raymon is my adoptive father. When I was born, I left my parents because I was given to Mr Raymon for adoption and he has cared for me until now.

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