Saturday, September 6, 2008

Malaccan Chicken Rice

I went to Malacca to visit my son who was studying at Multimedia University. While there he took me and my wife around the town of Malacca. I have always wanted to taste the Malaccan Chicken Rice because it is not the same as the one in Penang.

After visiting Zoo Melaka, we went to an eatery where Malaccan Chicken was sold. As it was quite early, we didn't have to wait for seats.

When our meal came, I was attracted by small balls of rice and a plate of chicken meat. It is rice done in spherical shape that makes Malaccan Chicken Rice unique. As I tasted the rice ball, it seemed to be flavoured, unlike ordinary rice. My son told me that this shop charges customers reasonably. He was right. We ordered three glasses of herbal tea and the set of Chicken Rice. Only RM15.20 had we to pay for our meal.

I shall tell readers about the zoo trip later as I was still editing the photos.

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