Sunday, September 28, 2008

Kew Leong Ya Festival

For nine days, from tomorrow, the devotees of Kew Leong Ya, the nine sons of the Dragon Emperor will be taking pure vegetarian diet to purify themselves in honour of the nine dewas. Devotees will go the temple to pray and ask for favour from the nine dewas.
Most Chinese in Penang are the devotees of the nine dewas.

If you have been following this blog, in one of the posts, I mentioned how my trigger-finger (inability to flex the ring-finger) was miraculously cured by Kew Leong Ya when I went to the temple to pray to them. When I knelt down to pray with jossticks, a painful sensation engulfed my head. Later I learnt from my spiritual friend that the dewas actually acknowledged my being there by doing so. When I placed my jossticks in the urn, one of glowing part of the joss ticks fell onto my trigger-finger and it got cured after that. You have to experience it to believe it.

In Penang, roadside stalls will be put up to sell vegetarian food to devotees. You can always see a yellow cloth banner bearing Chinese words "Jiu Long Ye Zai" which means 'vegetarian food for Jiu Long Ye'. The caterers are doing good business during these nine days.

On the last day of the festival, the nine dewas will be sent back to the sea - the dwelling place of their father, the Dragon Emperor.

As the said dewas control the rain, it will definitely rain during this period, believe it or not.

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