Saturday, September 20, 2008

I need to overcome forgetfulness

I really need to overcome forgetfulness. You see, many a time, I leave without taking my mobile phone with me. It will ring at home when my friends telephone me, prompting my better half to answer the call with apology, "Sorry, Yeoh forgot to take his handset along just now. He will contact when he comes back."

Another occasion when forgetfulness invade me is when I go for my tuition class without the notes which I have put in a separate file. My beg is with me minus the file. Luckily, the tuition centre is just five minutes from where I live. Hence back to my house to retrieve the file or job cannot get started.

Yet another time when I forget things is I fail to do what I have planned to do earlier. I completely forget about the errands to be done. These include paying utility bills (leaving without bringing them along), not going into the grocery or supermarket to get what I intend to purchase.

I hope to be able to be more mindful so that I do not forget things. Age is catching up, I suppose.

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