Friday, September 26, 2008

The experience of staying in a wooden house

When I went to SM Jerantut, Pahang to start working as a qualified teacher, I stayed in a wooden house owned by an ex-teacher, Mr Kok. I paid RM40 per month for the rent. Actually, I was occupying the room of another teacher, Mr Tan Chap who had gone for a three-month Bahasa course. When he returned, I had to vacate the room and stayed somewhere else.

I was staying on the first floor. The room had very good ventilation, an electric ceiling fan and windows around. As it was January, the cool air at night and in the morning made me feel that I was staying in an air-conditioned room.

The only disadvantage of staying in Mr Kok's house was that I would know who had come back. There were 8 rooms on first floor. The footsteps on the wooden floor told me that someone had come back or he had come out of his room because needed to ease himself in the washroom.

Mr Kok ran a grocery downstairs so we had no problem getting our personal effects there. Snacks and instant noodles were available too.
After some time I got used to the sound of footsteps outside my room and continue to read my books or doing preparation for teaching for the following day.
My school was five minutes' walk from where I lived.

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