Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Deleting unwanted parts of video recording

Now that the 29th Olympic Games had come to and end, I have a lot of deleting to do. As with most sponsors, there will surely be their advertisements in the midst of live telecast of the Games. In order not to miss any event of the Olympic Games, I recorded the events on my hard disk including the repeated ads from the sponsors. That explains why I used up 70 G of my hard disk.

My task now is to remove the ads and other parts deemed unnecessary. I searched the Internet and found one freeware to do the job. It is called Free Video Dub. You can go to to download it.

What I do is to play my recording and press the part where I want to delete and press the part where the deletion is to end. Then you press the [X] icon to delete. You let your recording run again and do the same for other parts which need deleting. Finally press [convert] and in about 5 minutes your new file minus the junk is ready for you. You can now delete the original file to save space and copy the new file to a blank CD

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