Thursday, August 28, 2008

A costly mistake

I was deleting unwanted segments of my recording and transferring video files to my blank DVD when it happened.

You see, Nero does not allow copying of individual files larger than 2 G so I had to use UDF format to drag my files to the recipient DVD. After testing them using Windows Media Player, I deleted the files already copied from my hard disk. Somehow or other I accidentally pressed SHIFT del to delete files on my DVD although I had earlier got rid of the same files on my hard disk. Now all my files were lost forever.

Poor me! I downloaded so many undelete software to do the job but all failed until I came across Isobar but it would not allow me to extract files from track1 which had the files but were not shown. I needed to buy the key to extract what was lost.

As I wanted a complete collection of all the days' recording, I had to pay 29 USD to get the key. What a costly mistake I have made!

I did not regret buying a personal licence for the software because it did wonders by being able to retrieve files from another DVD which was not finalised properly because the disk had less than 20MB for the INCD to do so. Without the software I could not even access the DVD at all. Hence we should support experts who do great job to help us.

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