Friday, July 18, 2008

A unfortunate fall in my life

When I was in Jerantut, I did many things which I had not done before. For example, I learnt to swim and to solder. A local guy, Tan Peng Seng and I ordered amplifier DIY sets from Hong Kong. When they arrived, we started to solder the components to the circuit boards. We were unsuccessful in our job because being inexperienced we rested the soldering iron too long on the legs of the transistors, diods and resisters.

One day, Peng Seng brought his roller-skates to my house. I borrowed them and tried to skate. I was able to roller-skate for a while. Suddenly, I slipped and I had fracture at my left wrist. A teacher took me to Kuantan for treatment. The orthopaedic surgeon applied plaster of Paris on my left hand and arm to demobilise my wrist.

Later, a local sinseh (Chinese bonesetter) came to see me. He told me that I need not inconvenience myself with the cast and so he removed it and wrapped my wrist with short splinters after doing some bone-setting and applying herbal concoction. He made a sling with which I rested and supported my injured arm.

It turned out that the bone did not grow to the right place and I had a crooked wrist.

What an unfortunate fall in my life!

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