Sunday, July 13, 2008

My trip to Sungai Long

I set off for Sungai Long at 8.30 a.m. yesterday morning. It was not a direct journey. When I reached Pudu Raya Bus Terminal, I had to take a taxi to Sungai Long. It was very costly. An exorbitant RM40 when the bus fare to the same destination was RM2. My wife and I were carrying too many things and it was very inconvenient to walk to the Kota Raya Bus station to board the relevant bus. Finally, I reached Sungai Long at 12.30p.m.
After handing over the new laptop to my daughter and spent five hours at the apartment where she stayed with another seven housemates who study in the same university with her, I went to my sister-in-law's house as I intended to put up a night there.In the afternoon, we went to an eatery where I savoured a dish whichI had never tasted before because it was not found in Penang. It was named nai yau kai fan (cheese-coated chicken) which was very delicious to my taste.

nai yau kai fan (cheese-coated chicken rice)

This morning I went to the Sungai Long market with my wife to buy something for daughter. There were many things sold here. They included fish, prawns, meat, vegetable, fruit, cds, kitchenware and what have you.

At the market place with things bought

I had to return in the afternoon as I had to be working again on Monday. This time, I paid only RM2 to take a bus from Sungai Long to the Pudu Raya Bus Terminal where I had to pay extra for my journey home as all tickets for 3.00p.m. or 3.30p.m. were sold out. In the end I settled for the extra bus service using tour bus and I paid RM40 when the normal price was RM28.

It was a tiring journey but I had the experience of travelling to Kuala Lumpur by bus instead of driving there.

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