Monday, July 14, 2008

An Act of Kindness

I was on the bus from Sungai Long to the Pudu Raya Bus Terminal to board my express bus back to Penang. The bus went through a few housing estates picking up passengers on its way. At first not many passengers were in the bus. Soon the seats were slowly filled. At one bus stop, a few passengers alighted the bus. Among them was an old lady. I wanted to give my seat to the lady but I had a big luggage bag on my lap and the bus seat was very small.
Then a Malay young man stood up to vacate his seat so that the old lady could occupy its place. I praised the man right inside my heart. What an act of kindness. This type of kindness is lacking in places such as towns. I hope more people would emulate this man's kind act to help the elderly.

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