Saturday, June 14, 2008

How to use 'used to'

In English ‘used to’ means in the past you usually did something as mentioned after to in used to.

Look at how used to is used in the following sentences:

a) I used to swim in the sea when I was small.

b) When Ali and I were still in the primary school, we used to go to school together.

However, if we add another verb such as ‘get’, ‘used to’ means ‘accustomed’. The two examples below show the use of ‘used to’ having this meaning:

a) At first, I did not like to live in town but later I got used to living there.

b) You will get used to the new environment after some time.

Note that, ‘used to’ which carries the meaning of ‘accustomed to’ is followed by a noun or an ‘ing’ verb.

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