Wednesday, June 25, 2008

How to backup your computer system

In my last post, I mentioned how my system was attacked by worms until it crawled. I had my drive C formatted and Windows reinstalled with all the other that I would be using. It took hours. Hence I decided to make backup copies of my system before it crashed again.
Finally I found Norton Ghost 14. It helped me backup 'My Computer' with the system with a recovery point. I tested it with the Semantic Recovery Disk (self-booting) to restore my system. It worked. Then I made another backup copy of my system on a DVD. It occupied 2.56G.
Should I Windows crash again, I will use the Semantic Recovery Disk to restore it. See I have two copies of my backups, one in drive D and one on DVD-R.
The only disadvantage of Norton Ghost is you can't backup on CD's or DVD's. It can only backup to usb drives or hard disk.
In my case, I can use my 4-G thumb drive for backup because my initial system is small.
So much for backing up your system using Norton Ghost.

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