Monday, April 14, 2008

To Uncle Tee's House We Went

Teaching in a small town in the seventies could be boring at times. However, we had good rapport with parents whose children studied in the school I taught in - Jerantut Secondary School.

During weekends, my housemates and I would usually go to one student's house to watch television. Mr Tee, her father, was a Social Welfare Officer. He always welcame us to his house. Hence going to Uncle Tee's house was our weekly routine. I still remembered how we enjoyed watching Rocker File, a series about private investigation in black and white as there was no colour television then. Jackson Five of which Michael Jackon was a member was also our favourite.

One year I did not go back to Penang because I had fracture of my left wrist and I spent my Chinese New Year Eve in Uncle Tee's house, savouring the sumptuous dishes prepared by Mrs Tee.

Later the Tee family moved to Kuantan as Mr Tee was transferred there and I missed the family very much.

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